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Living Financial Plan

The Living Financial Plan is a comprehensive financial planning model designed for clients who see value in partnering with our team to assist in organizing and coordinating their financial lives. Clients typically engage in an ongoing process to analyze, adjust and implement a financial road map to reaching their goals. Client looking to retain someone on a monthly subscription basis that they can consult with at any time for any financial matter.

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Relationship Building 

This is where we start to get to know each other and where you share your initial goals. We're all about empowering our relationships, and we're excited to learn about your dreams and how we can help achieve them. We'll introduce you to our unique process, the people involved, and our pricing. Click below and start your journey to financial empowerment today!

Client Centered


In our discovery meeting, we'll discuss your present financial situation and explore some of our technology to gain insights into your decision-making process across diverse financial scenarios. As we wrap up, we'll discuss a proposal for our partnership. 

Client Centered

Statement of Financial Purpose & Goal Planning

We are officially partners! In this meeting, we will engage in a thoughtful discussion about the purpose of money in your life and how your goals align with your Statement of Financial Purpose. This conversation will allow us to establish a strong connection between your values and your financial aspirations, fostering a strategic approach to your financial planning. We are excited to embark on this professional journey together, ensuring your financial goals are realized with purpose and precision.

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Get ready for an engaging discussion in our Protection Meeting as we shed light on the vital importance of insurance and estate planning. We truly grasp the significance of safeguarding your valuable assets and securing long-term financial stability for your loved ones. Our team will conduct a comprehensive review and assessment of your insurance and estate planning needs. Based on our thorough analysis, we'll provide personalized recommendations and guide you through the necessary steps to achieve these crucial goals. 

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Cash Flow & Tax 

Say goodbye to money mysteries and hello to financial clarity as you effortlessly map out your cash flow. By taking the reins and directing your funds intentionally, you'll maximize your wealth potential and bid farewell to those moments of wondering where it all went. Prepare for a meeting that will transform the way you handle your money and put you in control like never before.

Client Centered

Investing & Savings

Whether you're looking for professional guidance to fine-tune your investment strategy or seeking a trusted partner to handle your portfolio, this meeting is designed to cater to your individual needs. We'll put a spotlight on the importance of savings and investing, ensuring that your goals are aligned appropriately with your timeline and risk tolerance. 

Client Centered

Retirement Planning

Whether you're a year away from retirement or still have 30 years ahead, we're here to guide you. We are going to embark on a journey to not only focus on strategically converting your assets into a reliable income stream for retirement but also model out your goals to visualize the impact of each decision we make together. Our approach ensures that we create a personalized plan that aligns with your specific objectives and financial situation. By analyzing different scenarios, we'll help you understand the potential outcomes and make informed decisions that will shape your retirement journey. 

Client Centered

Wealth Empowerment Launch

This session marks the culmination of the initial phase of the Living Financial Plan, where we'll conduct a thorough review and wrap-up. Together, we'll navigate the next steps of your financial journey and revisit key modules, and discuss strategies to keep your progress on track, aligned with your specific goals and aspirations. 

Client Centered

Matters of Importance review

Our Matters of Importance Review Meetings are designed to provide regular check-ins on your financial journey. With quarterly set meetings and the flexibility to schedule additional meetings as needed, we ensure that you stay on track towards your financial goals. By continuously monitoring progress and making adjustments, when necessary, we maintain a steadfast alignment with your evolving needs and objectives. This proactive approach allows us to navigate any changes or challenges together, ensuring your financial success remains our top priority.

Client Centered


Our mission is to empower business leaders to make the smartest financial decisions for both their business and their family, by providing a completely transparent client experience.

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