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Estate Planning

We understand that estate planning is a crucial process to ensure the seamless transition of your assets, minimize estate taxes, and safeguard the financial stability of your loved ones. While we aren't attorneys and do not draft legal documents, our role is to guide you in identifying the most appropriate strategies that align with your needs and prepare you for your meeting with an attorney. 

Client Centered

Property & Casualty Insurance

At StatonWalsh, we recognize the importance of comprehensive property and casualty insurance in safeguarding your assets and providing peace of mind. While we don't sell insurance or hold licenses in this field, our expertise lies in consulting on appropriate coverages, helping you understand your needs and guiding you towards the optimal insurance solutions.

Client Centered

Life, Disability & Long-Term Care Insurance

At StatonWalsh, we understand that personal insurance planning is a cornerstone of financial security. Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Long-Term Care Insurance are all integral components that help safeguard your financial future and the wellbeing of your loved ones. With a team of experienced advisors, we not only guide you in identifying the appropriate coverage based on your needs but also provide you with the insurance solutions you require.

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