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Personal Consulting 


Looking to take a comprehensive approach to financial planning. Clients see value in partnering with our team to assist in organizing and coordinating their financial lives.


Portfolio Mgmt.

Clients see value in partnering with an experienced advisor to assist in investment analysis, research and selection. Clients engage in an ongoing process to analyze investment risk tolerance and portfolio positioning to help them achieve their desired financial outcomes.

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Targeted Advice

Clients seeking specific advice pertaining to their financial life. Clients work with StatonWalsh on a limited basis and recommendations are confined to a preā€stated targeted topic.

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Business & Corporate Retirement Plan Consulting 

Business Consulting

Our Business Consulting arrangements empower entrepreneurs and their businesses to grow the value of their company, protect and reward key people and eventually transition out of their business efficiently and successfully.

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Corporate Retirement Plans

Our Corporate Retirement Plan Consulting arrangements empower Businesses and HR professionals to deliver a world class retirement plan

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 Financial Wellness

Financial Clarity 365 is a comprehensive financial wellness program that helps employees take control of their financial future. With live webinars, financial advisor access, and a financial planning app, we provide the tools and support they need to make informed decisions about their money.

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