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Ensuring Safe Asset Custody

We custody our advisory assets at Charles Schwab, Axos, AssetMark and Betterment. We have chosen these institutions due to their unrivaled security authentication and data safeguarding measures.

Robust Compliance and Oversight

We protect our clients with a second layer of security– a protective shield of compliance and oversight. To this end, we work closely with Founders Financial, an independent firm that acts as the intermediary between our firm and your precious assets.

Secure Account Access

We grant our clients the convenience of real-time portfolio and planning access via our client portal and mobile app. Notably, this access is read-only, significantly reducing the risk of breaches.

Secure Network Infrastructure and Data Storage

Our entire infrastructure and data reserves are securely housed in the cloud, bolstered with redundant security measures and consistent backups. We trust Microsoft's cloud services for this task. This advanced setup allows secure data storage while enabling seamless remote access for our staff. We routinely audit and test our disaster preparedness to stay ahead of unforeseen circumstances.

Encrypted Communications

We ensure the privacy of our communications using end-to-end encryption for all our email traffic, regardless of whether it is incoming or outgoing. Any communication that starts with us ends securely.

Continuous Monitoring and Training

Security is a moving target. Thus, we consistently reinforce our security defenses, employing both internal and external resources for constant monitoring. Our team regularly undergoes comprehensive training and testing. Our philosophy prioritizes security over convenience, as we believe that a secure environment breeds confidence.

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