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Business Valuation

Are you thinking about selling your business or considering bringing on new investors? Or perhaps you just want to know the value of your company for personal or strategic planning purposes. Whatever the reason, a business valuation can provide valuable insight. We assist businesses across various sectors and sizes in determining their worth, utilizing proven valuation methodologies to ensure accurate and reliable results. Whether you need a business valuation for sale, acquisition, taxation, litigation, or strategic planning, we're here to deliver precise and meaningful insights that drive effective decision-making.

Valuation Methods

Equity Value

Equity value represents the fair market value of the company available to its owners or shareholders. It includes all the assets incorporated in the "asset value", as well as the firm's liquid financial assets like cash, accounts receivable, deposits, etc., and deducts its short-term and long-term liabilities. At StatonWalsh, we meticulously calculate the equity value to provide a clear view of what your business is worth to its shareholders.

Asset Sale Value

Asset sale value is a common transaction-oriented fair market value that includes the firm's inventory, furniture, fixtures and equipment, and intangible assets ranging from customer base to goodwill. Our team uses a comprehensive approach to accurately determine the asset sale value, providing you with the information you need to make informed business decisions.

Enterprise Value

Enterprise value is a fair market value estimate reflecting the total value of the firm's equity plus its long-term debt. It represents the complete value of the firm's capital structure or "enterprise". Our team calculates the enterprise value with precision, offering you a thorough understanding of the total value of your business.

Liquidation Value

The liquidation value is based on the key assumption of insolvency and the immediate sale of all assets (on or off the balance sheet) at or near "fire sale" level, with the near simultaneous retirement of all liabilities. This value does not include accounts receivable. We calculate this value meticulously, providing you with a clear view of your business's worth under the most stringent conditions.

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Our team leverages its industry knowledge and analytical prowess to deliver precise, reliable, and comprehensive business valuations.

Comprehensive Approach

We employ a holistic approach to business valuation, factoring in every aspect of your business to ensure a fair and accurate valuation.

Client-Centric Service

We understand that every business is unique. We tailor our valuation approach to align with your specific needs and circumstances, providing you with insights that are most relevant to you.

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