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RIA Insurance

We help registered investment advisors by first and foremost coming to an understanding of how their practice operates and who their clients are.  We want to know who your clients are and what you do for them to best assist you in putting them in the best scenario possible when it comes to insurance.  We know not all Financial Advisors operate the same, nor do they have the same clients who can utilize the same solutions. We help advisor’s clients expose risks and goals in their client’s financial plans and are able to utilize life insurance products as solutions. 

StatonWalsh approaches insurance and risk management differently.  We have years of experience in all fields of the insurance world, personal financial planning, and insurance brokerage that allow us to operate in a favorable way.  With this vast experience we know ultimately how to uncover the needs and goals of your clients and partner with your team to make sure that we are taking the right approach.  Through our experience and expertise, technology, and partnerships we are truly able to uncover the best product design and underwriting classifications for your client. Underwriting isn’t just about “shopping the market,” it is about uncovering the issue at hand, and knowing firsthand what carrier will take that risk on most aggressively.  By partnering to the extent we do, we will know how you and your clients operate, and will take your lead to get your client into the best solution that is out there. With the world of carriers and resources at our fingertips, our success is unmatched.  

We act in your client’s best interest, and we will take the burden of insurance off of your hands.  Being an expert in investments is your job, and being an expert in insurance is ours. Just because a carrier comes back with an offer, that doesn’t mean it’s THE offer.  We need to understand the medical background, the financial background, and the social background of the client. We know to ask the right questions to do this on a preliminary basis, setting the client up for best case scenario from the start.  Our experience allows us to do this differently, and efficiently. Our relationships are ones that last and as such we are able to get your client into the most favorable position, only building the trust between you and your client as that is our ultimate goal.

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